Vitiligo is a disorder that causes white spots on the skin in certain areas that are exposed to sunlight. The most commonly affected areas are the legs, hands, lips, arms, and around the mouth. Initially, the depigmentation is observed firsthand, and this gradually spreads to the face, affecting the patient psychologically as well as physiologically. This is mainly due to damage to melanin, the pigment that is responsible for producing skin color. It can also affect mucous membranes, although less frequently, and more often occurs between the ages of 10 and 30. There are several treatments available in the market today, but one that is said to have the highest rate of success is Melagenina Plus, which is evaluated here.

What is Melagenina Plus?

This solution is manufactured in Cuba, in a factory called Histotherapy Center in Havana. This drug product is an alcoholic extract of human placenta, which contains the lipoprotein fraction of the placenta. Its active ingredients are Melagenina and calcium chloride.

How does Melagenina Plus work?

Usually it works by activating the reproduction of melanocytes, in particular at the borders and inside the depigmented areas of the skin. In addition, Melagenina Plus helps accelerate the process of melanin production, which induces repigmentation of the skin. Because of this, the treatment has been very effective and is gaining popularity not only in Cuba but in other countries as well. It is very popular in Latin countries, and many people have gone to Cuba in hopes of achieving healing by taking this medication.

How to use

Melagenina Plus is a topical lotion that is applied locally to the affected areas. To use this lotion, the bottle should be shaken vigorously and then the lotion applied with the fingertips on the affected areas. This is done once a day, at the same time each day. No need for exposure to ultraviolet light or infrared radiation after application. Direct exposure to sunlight should also be avoided.

If applied properly, then a change can be observed within 3 to 7 days. First, there will be redness of the area, followed by a slight change to an opaque color, and eventually color repigmentation of natural skin.

This lotion may also be applied to mucosal surfaces affected, but should not be rubbed in order to not cause irritation. Darker areas will be repigmented faster compared to the lighter areas. After application, the lotion starts working in the epidermis through the transcutaneous absorption, leading to the gradual repigmentation of skin.

It is safe to use Melagenina Plus?

This harmless solution can be used by the elderly and children, including women who are pregnant or menstruating. No serious side effects are known to be associated with it. There have been many studies to prove its effectiveness, and these showed that 85% of users of Melagenina Plus have been cured of vitiligo, although these studies are not publicly available and have not been universally accepted.

The only caveat to this product is that at the beginning of treatment, new areas with symptoms may appear, or sometimes affected areas increase by approximately 40% of users. This effect is only temporary, however, and will have no long-lasting effect.

Our Conclusion: According to the little information we have of this medicine, and for not having tested on us, it is difficult to reach a verdict. Although sites like say they have discovered the cure that always works, it does not work so well. We know many people who have returned from Cuba with the same white spots they had before. And more people have mentioned their negative experiences in the comments of forums, blogs, or Facebook. Not that it’s a bad drug, but in many places it is described as a cure, and obviously it is not. And from our experience, local medicines, creams, UV light — they will not do much in the long run because when there is a mess in our body, the problem will persist until settled on the inside. Therefore, I believe that if we use this medicine but we still eat the same thing that brought us vitiligo, we will probably go to Cuba, spend a lot of money on the trip, and will return with empty hands, broken pockets, and a body stained white.


Our Opinion About this Study: In this study in Cuba, it was proven that the Melagenina Plus cured vitiligo, but the study does not seem serious and conclusive, as the study had a sample of only 300 people and was not guaranteed internationally, and its effectiveness was highly questionable. As the sample girl, this indicates that it may have been altered in some way and that people who were chosen were chosen intentionally to prove that this medicine works. But the only place that talks about the effectiveness of this medication is in Cuba, and people who have tried now speak wonders of this medication. But quite the contrary! Most have gone to Cuba to try their luck and had no luck with it. And there is a parallel market that sells this drug in portals like MercadoLibre and websites and send it to everyone, when the creators say the drug can only be acquired in Cuba.
Today, with the little information you have and with the number of people who have been to Cuba and left with empty hands, we must conclude that it does not work and that the only effective treatment is to recommend us (System Natural treatment for vitiligo), as this deeper treatment addresses all causes of the problem and the final repair. This treatment is far from being a magic medicine that cures everything, as does supposedly Melagenina Plus, but it is effective and goes straight to the cause of the problem, to regenerate and repigment.


U.S. National Library of Medicine did an analysis of the information collected from the Melagenina Plus and reached the same conclusion as us. You cannot take seriously the Melagenina Plus because studies and his claims do not conform to international protocols for medical studies. 


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  1. chauvitiligo says:

    La podes comprar en el sitio de aunque nosotros recomendamos un tratamiento natural que sea integral, porque con eso solo no creo que te funcione. saludos y exitos.

  2. Eloisa Agra Hassen says:

    Bom dia.

    Li que não pode ser utilizado protetor solar, nem hidratante nas áreas afetadas, enquanto estiver fazendo o tratamento. O que isso significa, não posso usar em nenhum momento ou só no momento de uso do produto?

    Obrigada, um abraço.

  3. Daniel says:

    Yo la huse a la melagenina plus,un frasco y me iso bien pero no la podía pasar a mi país Argentina . Estuy viendo si ahora con el cambio de gobierno la puedo pasar .Dr Emerso Melbin Valdés me la mandaba de Peter Guatemala

  4. MAURICIO says:


  5. Yuliex says:

    Les aseguro que el medicamento si funciona yo soy paciente de vitiligo. Es verdad que es un tratamiento a largo plazo y hay que evitar el strees y los procesos nerviosos la cuta puede duras unos meses o unos años depende del paciente. Pero si funciona se los aseguro. El inconveniente es que hasta hoy solo se produce en cuba y no en abundancia el medicameto se aplica en la epidermis (piel) y el alcohol se evapora y la melanina se obsorve .el producto se concigue en cuba por 36 dolares aproximadamente si no eres cubano, pero si la compra un cubano cuesta 0.2 dolares con el permiso de un dermatologo de cuba, asi que el que tenga amistad en cuba…… La recomiendo no es un milagro de remedio pero hasta hoy es lo mejor

  6. chauvitiligo says:

    Es efectivo siempre y cuando lo sigas adecuadamente. La melagenina no funciona, puede mejorar como muchisimos alimentos naturales que funcionan, pero sin hacer un tratamiento adecuado y seguir bien los pasos, el cuerpo vuelve a tener las manchas.

  7. chauvitiligo says:

    Claro que no es un milagro, porque realmente no funciona, porque es una partecita de lo que deberia hacer un paciente con vitiligo. Ademas de cambiar la dieta(nada de lacteos ni harinas y muchisimas mas cosas a tener en cuenta en la alimentacion), hay que desintoxicar el cuerpo, porque evidentemente el cuerpo esta con un desorden interno y se tiene que “resetear” para poder volver a funcionar correctamente. Lo mas probable es que no solo tengamos vitiligo, pero otras enfermedades autoimnunes, porque el cuerpo se esta defendiendo porque hay elementos del mismo que funcionan mal por estar sucios (higado, intestino, en especial) . El tratamiento natural que esta en nuestra pagina es un muy buen tratamiento que ataca el problema de raiz.

  8. Anonymous says:

    En muchas personas el tratamiento puede ser efectivo, si eres constante en el tratamiento, yo soy cubano, tengo un tio con vitiligo que le usaba el tratamiento, pero para el era mejor tomar alcohol que aplicarselo en la piel, y por supuesto termino lleno de vitiligo en todo el cuerpo, si alguien le pregunta, el dice que no es efectivo, porque en realidad el nunca lo hizo, y es así depende de la constancia y seguir todas las orientaciones, de como debe aplicarse, y el tiempo de tratamiento, y consultar un dermatologista o dermatólogo, como se le diga en su país.

  9. rafael says:

    hay personas que dan certeza, de una cosa cuando, ni saben si en realidad funciona o no, no tuvieron una experiéncia propia con el medicamento, ni saben nada de la enfermedad, y dan criterios medicos, el vitiligo no tiene que ver nada con la dieta , ni con desintoxicar el organismo, es uan enfermedad que la causa no esta bien definidad, mas se habla de una posible predisposición genetica , a la falta de produccio[´n de melanina, que es el pigmento que le da color a la piel, ademas de protección contra los rayos ultravioletas y otros, lo mejor es testar el medicamento si esta a su alcance ya que es inocuo, no produce efectos secundarios de importancia, soy cubano, y el cuba he visto ya pocas personas con vitiligo, es decir que se puede controlar, porque el mayor daño que causa es estético, no provoca ningun daño organico que no sea la piel y la esetica, autoestima, etc.

  10. Rosangeles says:

    Buenas noches soy paciente de vitiligo y este remedio me ha sido muy efectivo pero tambien recomiendo un tratamiento q me mando mi medico llamado vergamota y delmovate exelente esto solo lo aplique sin mentira ninguna en un mes y vi mis resultados mas nunca me salio en esa area donde tenia para ese entonces llego un momento q se me quito las mancha y no volvieron a salir en esas areas pero con el pasar de los años empece a tener mucho estres y me volvieron aparecer en otras areas y ahorita pues uso la melagenina q” ojo”si me esta prestando pero el trataniento ya antes mensionado me presto mucho mas

  11. chauvitiligo says:

    Si no vas acompanado de dieta y desintoxicacion, la melagenina plus no es efectiva. Deben seguir un tratamiento mas profundo y un cambio en el estilo de vida mas saludable.

  12. Andino Andino says:

    Hola yo estoy confundida he usado medio bote y las manchas están mas blancas y se ha regado, no entiendo si he leído artículos de profesionales Cubanos y personas que si el medicamento es excelente.

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